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What's Art and What's Canon?

This is a zine I wrote in response to frequent backlash I've seen queer fanartists experience. The interior is black and white for printing cheaply/photocopying. Please check it out and share this zine with anyone who might find it helpful or useful. Translate it or reprint and distribute it freely, though linking back to this page would be nice.

If you want to contribute money to me, I will eventually have printed copies of the zine available in my etsy shop or you can buy one of our studio's games. Thank you!

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You did a wonderful job with this, Tsushi! I’m very proud of you and I think this is an excellent text to reference and show people why queer reads are very important!


Hmm i didn't download that zip but if i understood that topic correctly then i may also add something. But at the end of the day if it bothers you then just don't watch it. If it doesn't contribute something bad then just let the people be ^^

Obviously there are shippers and people who might force their ship on you but even then don't engage it's not healthy to argue hours with a literal stranger just because they might take things a little too seriously. 

Live and let live and if it's genuine something that you consider not okay then report it. 

Not really looking to argue or people who give "what about this" examples. I mostly want to give a different perspective and want people to challenge themself to just stop engage in drama that is kinda (subjectively speaking) unnecessary. Especially in that context where people just ship endlessly even if it might not make that much sense it's not really harmful to society or anything lol

SORRY if i did completely miss the point and it's not about those arguments i saw a while back where people have a problem with headcanons/shipping because it's illogical to them as in shipped because of wanting lgbtq+ characters even if they might "not act" as one or it has nothing to do with the story. Obviously there is no way in being one just saying what they said

Take care everyone and please if you are in a phase where you might be watching social media drama or whatever try to reduce it or even completely stop it's really just harmful for your mental health ^^